How it all began!

I’ve had a creative mind since I was a child. I have always viewed things not for what they are, but for what they could become. Whether it be a cardboard box or an 8-track cassette, I could give new, creative life to things!

After spending numerous hours in coffee shops around MPLS, I found a new medium for me to work with! I noticed that these shops were throwing away the burlap sacks they were using to transport the beans. I couldn’t believe they were going to waste, with such interesting designs and graphics from around the world! I knew I could do something with this new found medium. I have since been re-purposing burlap for the shell of all my bags and complimenting them with previously used clothing for the lining. I have a great respect for the environment and I try using every inch of my materials in interesting ways. And hey, this makes for ultra-unique bags, you’ll never find two of the same!

I welcome support from anyone who’d like to lend it, you might see the shirt you gave me today across someone’s shoulder tomorrow!